art is more than whole world for me

A few days ago, suddenly and almost unnoticed, came to an end one of the greatest love story of modern art. At the age of 74 years died in New York, Jeanne-Claude. Better known as the wife of the famous Cristo.
Born exactly on the same day, and met in 1958 in Paris. He had only to paint a portrait of her mother. She, with a good French family. He is a Bulgarian refugee. She happily engaged. He in love with her half-sister. A month before his wedding, there had been pregnant with him, and brought upon themselves the wrath of relatives. Read the rest of this entry »

Pritzker Prize was established by the Jay Pritzker in 1979 and is awarded annually by the Hyatt Foundation for Architecture, who had a significant contribution to the development of the human environment.

The award honors a living architect, who, through their art, talent, thought leadership and a consistent and substantial involvement, enrich the human environment and its built environment.
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Banksy is the most famous and most mysterious graficiarz in the world. Although it has already issued several albums with his work, and the graffiti on the easel is sold at auction at Sotheby’s, is still unknown identity. In general, it is believed that it was born in 1974 in Bristol, Robert Banks, but these data were never confirmed whether or not two pictures officially.There Banksy, but the problem is that … Each presents a different person.

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