art is more than whole world for me

Secession – European art style in the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first of the twentieth century, considered in the framework of modernism. The essence of secession was to strive for the unity of the stylish art by combining its activities in various areas, particularly arts and crafts, interior design, sculpture and graphics. The characteristic features are the Art Nouveau style: smooth, wavy lines, abstract, or vegetable ornamentation, inspired by Japanese art, free systems of composition, asymmetry, and linearism płaszczyznowość and subtle pastel colors.

In France, this style is called Art Nouveau, or Jugendstil in Germany Sezessionsstil, in Italy Stile Liberty Stile floreal or.

As an immediate time of the secession is considered the 80th year for the beginning – the 90th year XIX. Read the rest of this entry »

Modernism, modern art, modern art called – the contractual period in the history of art, whose timing is determined from the ’60s Nineteenth century (in conjunction with Impressionism) to the 70s Twentieth century (conceptual). Modern art is strongly linked with the concept of modernism in philosophy and avant-garde phenomenon. The term modern art, as crystallized in the form used as the first Joris-Karl Huysman in 1883.

The concept of modern art is associated with new ideas and works of art, that return towards the deepening of reflection on language, art, artistic experiment, application of new techniques and materials, the belief in the depth of culture and technology, and above all with the idea of progress (linear development of art and history). Read the rest of this entry »

Art – field of human activity, practiced by artists. There is a coherent, generally accepted definition of art, because its borders are redefined on a continuous basis, at any time, you may receive a work which, arbitrarily adopted, closed the definition does not fit. Art meets a variety of functions, including aesthetic, social, educational, therapeutic, but they are not its essence. Read the rest of this entry »