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A few days ago, suddenly and almost unnoticed, came to an end one of the greatest love story of modern art. At the age of 74 years died in New York, Jeanne-Claude. Better known as the wife of the famous Cristo.
Born exactly on the same day, and met in 1958 in Paris. He had only to paint a portrait of her mother. She, with a good French family. He is a Bulgarian refugee. She happily engaged. He in love with her half-sister. A month before his wedding, there had been pregnant with him, and brought upon themselves the wrath of relatives. With her husband parted after a month and since then have become inseparable from Christo. Already realized in 1961 in Paris, the first joint project. In a gesture of protest against the Berlin the Wall, they blocked one of the Parisian streets barrels of oil. Fame came quickly. Three years later he moved to New York. Jeanne-Claude convinced her husband that all joint projects should only sign his name. This strategy proved successful. Characteristic name Christo came to be recognizable in the United States. Acted on a scale unprecedented in contemporary artists. Their spatial spektakualarne projects had only one goal – to enjoy the eye of the viewer. Do not attribute to them any hidden meanings. Every plant gained popularity because it was understandable for ordinary people. Christo and Jeanne-Claude prawdpodobnie popularazycji did for contemporary art more than a hundred artists in front of them. Resorted to the simplest instincts. On the implementation of its most famous project – packaging the Reichstag in Berlin – waited over 20 years. During the GDR did not get the consent of the authorities. It worked until 1995. The building-a symbol of vanished under miles of silver material. In one of Christo and Jeanne-Claude have become known around the world. Millions of television viewers and visitors delighted in the unusual, crazy idea. Similar to the one that realized 12 years earlier, when the pink material surrounded 11 islands off the coast of the Reichstag package Miami.Po earned all-star status. Jeanne-Claude could finally escape the shadow of her husband and also her name began to appear in joint projects. In 2005 they built their own funds in New York’s Central Park, exactly 7,503 „gates.” Dreamed of this installation since 1979. Only the consent of Mayor Michael Bloomberg opened the way for them to implement. The townspeople were delighted.
Jeanne-Claude and Christo were wholly devoted to himself and his art. Sworn that in the event of death of one of them, the other will continue to work on other projects. I never flew together by plane, not to die together in a potential disaster.

The sudden death of Jeanne-Claude interrupted preparations for the planned installation of two, but in a special statement Christo assured that they will be completed. Just as his wife would like that.
The City Gallery BWA are not only an exhibition. For example, March 23 (18.00 BWA offers a lecture at the Academy of Art: „Nobody wants to kick a butterfly, which is why Christo and Jeanne – Claude packaging the Reichstag.” Lecture is to bring together work by one of the classics (well should always be speak of Christo and his wife Jeanne – Claude), contemporary art, derived from a group of French New Realists, whose tireless activity in opakowywaniu unusual objects such as the islands of the Bay of Biscay and the suspension of the curtain in one of the valleys of the state of Colorado has always arouses curiosity, but also many controversy.
Lecture and discussion led by Jeanne Bryl – an employee of the National Museum in Poznan and art history lecturer at the faculty of arts at the School of Social Skills in. Area of interest: the history of art from contemporary times to the present. For many years, maintained in Poznan Discussion Club (art forum) dedicated to the current art.
Admission is free for all. Groups above 10 persons are requested in advance: Tel: 052-339-30-50.

Academy of Art is a series of lectures, meetings, presentations and discussions covering the issues of Modern Art, its perception and understanding. You will gain knowledge and information that is available only to a narrow group of specialists and have not I read on the Internet. In a clear and pleasant atmosphere of the Academy of Arts lecturers communicate their knowledge, gained that year. Lectures are enriched with multimedia presentation, which not only diversifies the lecture, but also helps in better understanding of creative artists.
Christo and Jeanne-Claude have won decisively in a contest for the greatest artists megalomanów artist I am a tailor. Well-designed neck dress, which emphasizes the outline of the figure. But do not wear the clothes of people, but landscapes and monuments – boasts Christo. When the wrapped Reichstag, asked what is his art, he replied that the „survival space”. Jeanne-Claude, wife and co-creator of works of Christa, said that the package represents the German Reichstag fear, pride, and neurosis – a cover of the German past. Like gibberish most famous artistic couple in the world for almost four decades mami viewers and the authorities of countries and cities. Recently the mayor of New York omamili Michael Bloom-berg (previous mayors did not let themselves be fooled, while the famous couple importuned them since 1979), which agreed to pursue the project „The Gates.” Christo and Jeanne-Claude in Central Park will create 7.5 thousand. gates (high, 4.87 meters and 5.48 meters wide). At the gates will hang a yellow-orange cloth material. Installation is the distance between the trees resemble undulating golden river. The gates will operate for 16 days in February and then will be cut and processed as a secondary raw material. Only the steel used in their construction will cost $ 20 million.
Century megalomaniacs
Christo and Jeanne-Claude have won decisively in a contest for the greatest artists megalomanów. Almost 40 years ago came up with the idea to wrap in foil or fabric buildings, objects, trees and even mountains, rivers and islands. Para famous not only for wrapping (wraped), but also wrap or encircle (Surrounded). What do they call the art of land (Land Art). Loudest of their project (for its implementation have been waiting 24 years) became the packaging of the Reichstag in silver foil (1995). The building was covered with 110 thousand. m2 shining silver foil, which oplotło 8 thousand. meters of blue polypropylene rope. In action 90 climbers participated. Around 1,200 construction workers krzątało (pack weighed 65 tons). The project cost more than $ 5 million. Christo and Jeanne-Claude began to pack shoes Christa. Then pack the coast near Sydney, the Pont-Neuf in Paris, constructed a floating shield around the island off the coast of Biscayne Bay, Florida, prepared the draft of the spectacular opening simultaneously in California and Japan, 3,100 giant umbrellas, transparent material arrayed 163 trees in the park Beyeler (Switzerland).
Christo, a student of Fine Arts in Sofia, quickly realized that the socialist realism can not earn. In 1956 he moved to Prague, where the Vienna and Geneva came to Paris. In 1961, he joined the group so fashionable. new realists. Different types of groups formed manifests well-known critic Pierre Resta, who wrote: „New Realists consider the world as picture, for the great fundamental work, from which the fragments purloining endowed with universal meaning.” Christo and Jeanne-Claude would be under the sign with both hands.

Together, but separately
In carrying out the installation in Central Park, Christo and Jeanne-Claude (as usual) did not benefit from the aid donors. Project finance company CVJ Corp, whose president is Jeanne-Claude Javacheff. How do artists take the money for his expensive project? They launched a working machine, commercial and promotional marketing. delusioned of quasiphilosophy their viewers, mainly young, buy photographs, models, designs, postcards, calendars, posters and drawings showing the completed (or not) installations.
Christo and Jeanne-Claude like to emphasize their independence. Though they are one of the most ripped artistic tandem, keep saying that they form themselves, and even travel alone. In its New York headquarters have separate studios, so communicate by walkie-talkies. When they arrived in Warsaw, each of them arrived in another plane.
What distinguishes Christa and Jeanne-Claude megaloman from other artists is the scale of their enterprises. While, for example, Claes Oldenburg set in Philadelphia kilkunastometrową clip to underwear, and a great lipstick and huge size of teaspoon, he never even approached the scale of the projects, the French-Bulgarian duo. Knowing the Belorussian animus, it is expected that if only resume manned flights to the moon, will fly there to wrap our natural satellite. After all, not for nothing that Christo stresses that the artistic object can be anything.

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