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Pritzker Prize was established by the Jay Pritzker in 1979 and is awarded annually by the Hyatt Foundation for Architecture, who had a significant contribution to the development of the human environment.

The award honors a living architect, who, through their art, talent, thought leadership and a consistent and substantial involvement, enrich the human environment and its built environment.

Prize, a medallion, is accompanied by a financial grant of 100 thousand. dollars. More important, however, is gaining interest in the way wealthy investors.
The name comes from the rewards Pritzkerów family, owners of international business with headquarters in Chicago. This name is synonymous with the Hyatt Hotels chain, located around the world. Pritzkerowie have long been known for their active support of educational, scientific, medical and cultural facilities. Jay A. Pritzker (1922-1999) founded this award with his wife, Cindy.

Many of the procedures and form of the Pritzker Prize was modeled on the Nobel Prize. Pritzker Architecture Prize winners receive a grant in the form of $ 100,000, a certificate of official praise and, since 1987 the bronze medal, as well as a limited edition Henry Moore sculpture, offered to each winner of.
The official awards ceremony takes place each year, usually in May, in an architecturally significant place in the world.

Pritzker Architecture Prize was established by The Hyatt Foundation in 1979. Henceforth each year are honored its architects, the implementation of which significantly contributed to the development of mankind and the environment created by man through the art of architecture, which is a combination of their talent, ability and personal commitment visionary. Pritzker Architecture Prize, considered the most prestigious award in the field of architecture, often referred to as architectural Nobel, took its name from the names of family Pritzkerów, long known for its support of educational, scientific, medical, social, religious and cultural.
Pritzker Prize is the world’s largest architectural distinction. It was founded in 1979 Pritzkerów American family – owners of an international hotel chain Hyatt Regency. The intention was to honor the founders of creative discipline, which is not a Nobel award-winning architects and motivation to become more innovative. The choice of architecture, of course, was also connected with the creation of experiences Pritzkerów hotel chain.

Award receives an architect who lived (only in 1988 the tenth anniversary awards it got two people), which, according to the jury, through his „talent, vision and commitment, contributed to the growth and achievements of civilization zhumanizowania the surrounding environment.” Procedures for granting awards are similar to noblowskich – the nominations, the initial qualification and secret vote, supervised by well-known audit firms.
The jury sit critics of architecture and a world-known industrialists like Lord Rothschild and Fiat Chairman Giovanni Agnelli.

The winner is honored with the bronze medal by Louis H. Sullivan (architect from Chicago, the famous creator of skyscrapers), and a check for $ 100,000. Exhibition of works by winners of the Pritzker Prize, „The Art of Architecture” guests in the most prestigious galleries in the world.

In 2001 the exhibition „The Art of Architecture” was presented in Poland – Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw and the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw. The organizer of the presentation in Poland was Klaxon Communications Agency in Warsaw.

Pritzker Prize Winners:

1st 1979 Philip Johnson (United States)
2nd 1980 Luis Barragán (Mexico)
3rd 1981 James Stirling (United Kingdom)
4th 1982 Kevin Roche (United States)
5th Ieoh Ming Pei in 1983 (United States)
6th 1984 Richard Meier (United States)
7th 1985 Hans Hollein (Austria)
8th 1986 Gottfried Böhm (Germany)
9th 1987 Kenzo Tange (Japan)
10th 1988 Gordon Bunshaft (United States) and Oscar Niemeyer (Brazil)
11th 1989 Frank Gehry (United States)
12th 1990 Aldo Rossi (Italy)
13th 1991 Robert Venturi (United States)
14th 1992 Alvaro Siza (Portugal)
15th 1993 Fumihiko Maki (Japan)
16th Christian de Portzamparc 1994 (France)
17th 1995 Tadao Ando (Japan)
18th 1996 Rafael Moneo (Spain)
19th 1997 Sverre Fehn (Norway)
20th 1998 Renzo Piano (Italy)
21st 1999 Norman Foster (Great Britain)
22nd 2000 Rem Koolhaas (Netherlands)
23rd 2001 Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron (Switzerland)
24th 2002 Glenn Murcutt (Australia)
25th 2003 Jørn Utzon (Denmark)
26th 2004 Zaha Hadid (Iraq Iraq – origin), (Great Britain – place of residence)
27th 2005 Thom Mayne (United States)
28th 2006 Paulo Mendes da Rocha (Brazil)
29th 2007 Richard Rogers (Great Britain)
30th 2008 Jean Nouvel (France)
31st 2009 Peter Zumthor (Switzerland)
32nd 2010 SANA Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa (Japan)

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