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Banksy is the most famous and most mysterious graficiarz in the world. Although it has already issued several albums with his work, and the graffiti on the easel is sold at auction at Sotheby’s, is still unknown identity. In general, it is believed that it was born in 1974 in Bristol, Robert Banks, but these data were never confirmed whether or not two pictures officially.There Banksy, but the problem is that … Each presents a different person.

Banksy travels around the world and „leaves traces”. Two of his works are said to be in the Tri-City.

This is not an official message because Banksy has already accumulated tens followers and „experts” of his art, who pulled a pretty good money for the expert evidence of authorship.

It has its own style, both in terms of form and content as well as his drawings. The most common theme is politics and wider society.

Some of the performances are a classic, like the famous rats. Not all of his fans know that Banksy has also sculpts and creates photographic collages

Briefly this is a guy who did not scribble on the walls for the same gryzmolenia, but gives the viewer some ideas, thoughts and content that has to be applied.

Here’s perhaps the most famous and recognizable of his works ..

Legendary graffiti artist – Banksy was probably captured when creating your next work. This would be the first photo of the designer in the famous painting. As reported online edition of British „The Times” – so far elusive artist was to be caught in London where the picture he made while working with your mobile phone from a passerby.
The identity of Banksy for years kept a secret, although some British media claimed that the famous representative rozpracowały street-art. According to the newspaper „The Guardian” Banksy is actually called Robert Banks, is 32 years old and was born in Bristol. Meanwhile, another British newspaper – the Daily Mail published a photo purportedly genuine Banksy, captured during the opening of the exhibition in Los Angeles. However, in the case of such a mysterious character, which is a British artist can only speculate about his identity. Even theories circulating that Banksy is not one man, a kind of street-art international corporations. Never could, however, confirm any of these conjectures, and that is why today’s news the Times should be treated with a certain distance.
With the aura of mystery, which blows the British artist and also the level of the work Banksy has become almost a cult object. The message of his works is usually anti-war, pacifist and anticapitalist. The paintings, despite the fact that often refer to contemporary political events, whether social, however, have humorous elements.

To create his works of Banksy uses different techniques. Usually it is a form of street art, connecting with each other graffiti and stencil technique. It is also important the work site. Works by Banksy may in fact see the distinctive and often risky places. It is the specific location of the works of Banksy brought him additional fame and recognition.

Not all, however, like the work of Banksy. Speculated that, Banksy has worked for corporations such as Puma. His work has, paradoxically, also a big hit among the Hollywood celebrities who buy his work for hundreds of thousands of dollars. That is why Banksy has been by some regarded as the person who surrendered to capitalism, despite the transfer of work performed by him. In addition, other critics say the artist that his work is just plain vandalism.

The most famous works

In London Zoo he climbed on the cage of penguins and has created a two meter high letters the inscription „We’re bored of fish” (called „We’re bored with fish”).

Imitating the primitive cave paintings, Banksy has put his drawing, depicting a man pushing a cart with purchases, in the British Museum. The authorities of the museum, after noticing the work, decided to add them to your collection of exhibits.

The artist also painted nine images on the west side of the Israeli Palestinian border wall, one of which depicted a ladder reaching the summit of the wall, and another – a child who wykopało toy shovel a hole in the wall.

Another famous work of Banksy was puffed disguise doll like prisoners detained in the camp at Guantanamo Bay (orange jumpsuit, a black bag on his head, handcuffed his hands) and place it in the children’s park, Disneyland in Anaheim. The artist decided in this way to protest against the detention of people in this type of prison. After a half hour of the doll was taken by the staff of the park.

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